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The Most Famous Winter Resorts in Colorado

Colorado State is an excellent place to visit. It has small and large cities with powerful infrastructure. Tourists love to travel around Colorado to visit famous museums, art galleries, and shops in huge shopping malls. When winter starts, all winter resorts in the states are full.

Colorado is famous for its winter resorts. Incoming tourists usually come first to Denver. It the capital of the state. It is also one of the largest cities. There are plenty of renting services there. It is possible for example to travel from Denver to Vail in private SUV.

Winter Resorts

The major winter resorts in Colorado are situated outside Denver. There are several of them. They are situated in some hours from the capital of the state. Here is the description of several of them:

  • Aspen Mountain ski resort. It is a really luxurious vacation spot. It is situated in beautiful Aspen. Aspen is the city with unique nature. Many films were filmed about it. Aspen Mountain has lots of hotels. Tourists can stay in comfortable rooms and enjoy excellent hotel facilities. Aspen Mountain ski resort was built back in 1947.
  • Vail Ski resort. It is another fine resort in Colorado. It is possible to come from Denver to Vail in private SUV. The ski resort has excellent accommodation facilities. There are not only three-star hotels. There are also luxurious five-star hotels. Vail ski resort is a paradise for skiers of with a different level of experience in skiing. There are easy to ride ski runs. There are also red ones. They can be enjoyed by experienced skiers.
  • Breckenridge ski resort. It is a comfortable ski vacation spot crowded with tourists in winter. The infrastructure is amazing. There not only fine hotels. There is also a range of restaurants.

These are the main ski vacation spots in Colorado state. It is good to get ready for a winter vacation beforehand. To economize, it is possible to buy tickets for visiting ski resorts beforehand. The sooner the tickets are bought, the better. This will make the costs to be spent on vacations not that high.

There are different ways of coming to vacation spots from Denver. The best is to go by car. It is particularly beneficial if there is a whole family who travels. If one does not possess the auto, it is possible to lend it. There are many renting agencies in Denver and other cities of Colorado. The rent price per day is not that high. It is approximately 17 $ per day. The longer the term of rent is, the better it is.

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