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Episode 006: Council of Thieves Vol 1 with Sean K Reynolds

This episode begins our coverage of the Council of Thieves Adventure Path with  our review of Part 1: The *** of Erebus featuring an interview with Paizo developer and *** of Erebus  author Sean K Reynolds. We discuss objectivity and the review process and launch a salvo in the Great Edition War. Our Character Concept is a movement and area control specialist, dubbed the Lansing Linebacker. The  Monster Mash delivers conversions of the Hook Horror and the Ephemeral Swarm.  We conclude the podcast, as always, with an interview with the module author and break down The *** of Erebus in spoilerific fashion.

Episode 005:GenCon/Paizo Seminar Special

Episode 5 is a beast!

First we share some of our GenCon anecdotes, introduce a new guest host/GM and discuss things to come in future Chronicles episodes.

Then we have both Paizo featured seminars, ‘The Pathfinder Brand’ and ‘The Future of Paizo’ in their entirety.

Episode 004:Sniper in the Deep/Warpath Mass Combat

In the last release before GenCon 2010, we invite Hank Woon onto the show to discuss his Warpath Mass Combat rules and how they can be applied to the King Maker Adventure path. Character Concept Workshop features the Mwangi Trapper build and our new segment, The Monster Mash, looks closely at the Beholder and the Oread. The Chronicle section welcomes Hank Woon’s return to discuss his work on Pathfinder Society modules. Sniper in the Deep and Terror at Whistledown.

Episode 003:City of Golden Death with Joshua Frost

In the Companion section of Episode 3 we feature the return of the ‘Character Workshop’. In honor of Independence Day, Research blows things up! We also discuss Hero Labs and VTTs in Pathfinder news. Our Chronicle section focuses on the dissection of ‘City of Golden Death’, featuring author Joshua Frost. This concludes our coverage of the Price of Immortality trilogy of PFRPG modules.

Episode 002: Masks of the Living God with Jason Bulmahn

Episode 002 features Jason Bulmahn for both the player’s companion section as well as the GM’s Chronicle. We discuss PaizoCon, The GameMastery Guide and introduce a new member of the team as well as his ‘Character Workshop’ spotlight. Finally, we take apart “Masks of the Living God” in spoilerific fashion to wrap up the show.

Episode 001: Crypt of the Everflame

Episode 001 of the podcast introduces the podcast crew and the format of the show. We discuss news, the errata released for the 3rd printing of the Pathfinder Core Rule Book errata including magic item creation smite evil. In the GMs only section we review Crypt of the Everflame in spoilerific detail.

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