Episode 016 – The Harrowing with Crystal Frasier

Episode 016 limps in to port battered, but with a hold full of rich cargo. We start with an extended intro and a vexing bit of listener mail. We introduce a new regular feature to the cast with Gary Ray from Black Diamond Games and then move to another new regular installment, Herolab with Colen McAlister. In the Character Concept Workshop, we feature Geppetto, the Varisian Ninja-Witch. On the Deck, we interview Denny Unger of WorldWorks Games and discuss Terraclips, a joint venture between WWG and Wyrd Miniatures. We interview our feature guest, Paizo author Crystal Fraiser on both the Companion and Spoilerific Chronicle interview after the warning break. Steel presents his take on The Harrow Deck and The Harrowing. We send you on your way with an extended outro and another addition to the Chronicles Cast, Josh Archer. We sail it in with a run time of 4:13 minutes. See you at Neoncon and Viva Las Vegas.

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