Chronicles 2013 Summer Convention Special


Chronicles returns with a Special Convention Episode: post PaizoCon wrap-up and a pre-Gencon celebration. We start with a banter session and introduce Kyle to the podcast crew. The PaizoCon wrap-up features discussions with Erik Mona, Tim Hitchcock, John Compton, Ryan Costello and others. We turn our eye from Seattle to Indianapolis, with an extended interview with Erik Mona of Paizo and the CEO of Gencon LLC., Ms. Adrian Swartout and a contest to win a 4 Day pass to Gencon Indy. Lastly, author Tim Hitchcock joins us to discuss his interactive event running at Gencon, The Slaughter-Priests of the Razor Coast. The Summer Special weighs in at about 2 and a half hours.

Chronicles LIVE – 004


Green Ronin Top Dawg Chris Pramas and Paizo Lead Designer Jason Bulmahn join us for Episode 004 of Chronicles Live. We talk about the Pathfinder FREEPORT Kickstarter, the Mythic rules and the forthcoming fall hardcover for Pathfinder. And oh yes, a new  Freeport Adventure Path, too. With Pramas on the show, we did not stop with Pathfinder and chat Game of Thrones, Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Dragon Age and of course, Mutants and Masterminds and why these games seem so hard for so many people to GM. The romp comes in at about 70 minutes long so kick back, pour a coffee and join us.

Chronicles LIVE – 003


Chronicles Live returns with the third episode in our live format with special guests F. Wes Schneider and Erik Mona of Paizo Publishing. The discussion is wide ranging and covers a diverse number of topics from recent and forthcoming releases across the breadth of all product lines at Paizo Publishing. We also talk with Wes about his Artifacts and Legends Campaign setting book, which is our personal favorite from 2012. While it may have taken us a while to find our mojo we appear to have found it at last with Episode 003 of Chronicles Live. So sit down and enjoy!

Chronicles LIVE – 002


We return after a Superbowl break with Episode 002 of Chronicles Live. We are joined in the Hangout with Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf to discuss Realmworks and their Kickstarter. Louis Porter  of LPJ Design also hangs out and talks about NeoExodus, the Pathfinder compatible Sci Fantasy setting. Kick back for a bit and listen to the end for a chance to win a copy or expansion of Herolab.


Chronicles LIVE – Episode 001


Chronicles LIVE begins with its first episode featuring a special on the Razor Coast with special guests Greg A Vaughan, Nicholas Logue and Lou Agresta. As well, Thurston Hillman joins us to chat about the upcoming Gencon Interactive special for Pathfinder Society in the Sagamore Ballroom this August at Gencon Indy. Azmyth and Steel_Wind are joined by Archer and Cherry Pie –  and more alcohol than the West Coast crew should be allowed — for our inaugural LIVE episode. It is a 2 hour plus free-ranging and unscripted conversation. So come on in and sit down with a beverage and join us as we talk about Razor Coast.

Chronicles LIVE — Episode 000

CPFP_LOGO smChronicles Pathfinder Podcast RETURNS. Well, kind of. This is a brief 30 minute live show explaining what we are doing with Chronicles LIVE and to invite you to join us LIVE for Episode 001 — or simply listen when you want via YouTube or our normal Podcast Feed on iTunes. Join Azmyth, Steel,  Archer and heckler Dirk Not_So_Gently as we flop it down and flip it over. Episode 000 is 31 minutes of kibbitzing and apologia — and yes, Azmyth has been in the beer, too.



Chronicles Podcast LIVE sessions!

Chronicles Goes LIVE!

Sunday Jan. 20th 6-8 pm PST
[Google Hangout]

We are launching our LIVE bi-weekly format this Sunday! These unedited, talk-show style shows will feature industry & listener guest appearances, gaming news and current events. These additional episodes will compliment our regular review format and archives will be posted to YouTube.

Add Mike Azzolino to your Google+ friends.


  • Looking forward to 2013!
  • Razor Coast w/ Lou Agresta, Greg Vaughan & Nick Logue.
  • Pathfinder Society chat with Thurston Hillman (and hopefully an appearance by Mike Brock as well)
  • Several friends of the show have been invited to pop in and say hello.


2012 Gencon Seminar Special – Part 2

The Gencon 2012 Seminar Special continues:

01 Paizo Adventure Path Q and A – 58:46
02 Writing for Paizo – 56:53
03 Secrets of RPG Editing – 58:53
04 Rules Design Workshop – Mythic Adventures – 59:27
05 Secrets of Golarion Q and A – 1:00:26
06 Highrise Circus – Red Wine and Vicodin – 2:52


2012 Gencon Seminar Special – Part 1

Gamer Nation, we return from Gencon 2012 with a canoe full of seminar goodies. But first, we reflect on Gencon 2012 and share our con stories and discuss the Reaper Bones Kickstarter . After that, we get on with the seminars. The 2012 Gencon Seminar special weighs in at about eight hours long so we have split it into two separate podcast parts. Part 1:

01 Cast Intro and GenCon stories – 44:53
02 Paizo 2012 and Beyond – 59:30
03 GM101 – Practice Makes Perfect – 1:56:08
04 Highrise Circus – Blindman – 1:47

Episode 018: Kingmaker Vols 4 and 5 with Neil Spicer and Jason Nelson

Chronicles returns with Episode 018 and a double-shot of Kingmaker with a side of gaming goodness. We intro the podcast with our regular chit-chat and goings on and then move on to our interview with Pathfinder Lead Designer, Jason Bulmahn. Gary Ray returns to give us some insight into game retailing in another segment of Diamond in the Rough. Matt Morton of Mindgene LLC comes on the cast to explain the new features of the latest release of the Virtual Table Top d20Pro and their new marketplace. Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf Development provides us with another update on Herolab. We move on to the meat of the show first with a Player friendly discussion of Kingmaker Vol.4, Blood for Blood with guest Neil Spicer followed up with our interview with Jason Nelson, author of Vol. 5, War of the River Kings. After the warning, Neil Spicer joins us again for a spoilerific discussion of Blood for Blood. Our Staff Review of Kingmaker, Vols 4 and 5 covers the bases and looks back all the way to Vol 1 with pointers on how to foreshadow and adjust your campaign. We close it off with a timely (finally) discussion of our Classic Modules Conversion Project, new CCW Producer auditions and more. All-in, Episode 018 weighs in at over 5 and a half hours. See you at Gencon 2012.

PaizoCon 2012 Seminar Special

Chronicles returns with the 2012 edition of the PaizoCon Seminar Special. Azmyth, Cherry, Archer, and Painlord discuss their Paizocon experiences and introduce the seminar recordings.  The PaizoCon 2012 Seminar Special weighs in at just under eight hours — an epic length which should not scare anyone who is a Chronicles fan. At the conclusion of the seminars, we feature an exclusive interview with publisher Erik Mona at the conclusion of the podcast. The breakdown of the seminars and the time codes for each are as follows:

00:01:38 Intro_Montage
00:15:18 Convocation Round Table
00:48:19 RPG SuperStar Seminar
00:57:54 Inside the Pathfinder Society
00:53:42 Pathfinder Rules Q&A
01:45:15 Pathfinder Online_Goblinworks
00:57:03 Auntie Lisa’s Story Hour
01:22:05 Rise of the Runelords Panel
00:39:50 Paizocon wrap_GenCon preview with Erik Mona

Total time, 463.5 minutes.

Episode 17 – Council of Thieves Vol 4 and 5 with Clinton Boomer and Greg Vaughan

Chronicles returns with a Monster of a Double Episode. Big Bertha covers two volumes of the Council of Thieves Adventure Path and more.  We start off with an extended intro and discuss Heroes and Monsters, a new community survey concerning Pathfinder Society and what to buy for Pathfinder RPG. Gary Ray returns for a discussion about RPG retailing in Diamond in the Rough. Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf Development joins us to discuss the latest updates to Herolab. On the CCW, Research brings us the Tiefling Mage Hunter. Erik Mona returns to the cast in his smoking jacket to discuss the latest developments at Paizo Publishing. We welcome our first of two AP authors, Clinton J. Boomer to the podcast to discuss his work on Vol.4 of the Council of Thieves AP, The Infernal Syndrome. We follow it up with Greg Vaughan to discuss his work on Vol. 5 of the same AP, The Mother of Flies. After the break, Boomer joins us again for the spoilerific details. We welcome a guest designer to the Encounter Lab, as Paizo freelancer Jesse Benner joins us in the studio to discuss a variant on our Pathfinderized War Troll. Mr. Vaughan joins us again to provide us with insider Google Maps tips to touring the darker side of Tulsa, Okla.. And of course, interspersed on the back nine, Ryan and Steel pull double duty with their reviews of The Infernal Syndrome and The Mother of Flies. We send you on your way home with our final thoughts on the sheer stupidity of attempting to record, edit and release a podcast of nearly 8 hours in duration. Psst – we plan do it again next time on Episode 18, too!

Episode 016 – The Harrowing with Crystal Frasier

Episode 016 limps in to port battered, but with a hold full of rich cargo. We start with an extended intro and a vexing bit of listener mail. We introduce a new regular feature to the cast with Gary Ray from Black Diamond Games and then move to another new regular installment, Herolab with Colen McAlister. In the Character Concept Workshop, we feature Geppetto, the Varisian Ninja-Witch. On the Deck, we interview Denny Unger of WorldWorks Games and discuss Terraclips, a joint venture between WWG and Wyrd Miniatures. We interview our feature guest, Paizo author Crystal Fraiser on both the Companion and Spoilerific Chronicle interview after the warning break. Steel presents his take on The Harrow Deck and The Harrowing. We send you on your way with an extended outro and another addition to the Chronicles Cast, Josh Archer. We sail it in with a run time of 4:13 minutes. See you at Neoncon and Viva Las Vegas.

Gencon 2011 Special

Greetings Gamer Nation. The ENnie Award winning Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast returns from Gencon Indy with swollen egos and deflated wallets. We talk about the ENnies, Gencon, Pathfinder and the whole experience in an extended intro. After that, we go to an interview with Erik Mona and then get on with the seminars presented at Gencon 2011. Seminar 1: The Future of Paizo. Seminar 2: The Secrets of Golarion. Seminar 3: What is Pathfinder Society. Seminar 4: d20 Radio Hosts Present – How to Start a Gaming Podcast. This one is a big fatty, rolled up tightly at about 6.5 hours of gaming goodness. Screw the commute — this baby will last you your whole work day.

Episode 015 – Kingmaker III – The Varnhold Vanishing with Greg Vaughan

Episode 015 rolls out just in time with some Kingmaker goodness for your drive or flight to GenCon. We start with the usual intro and listener mail and then catch up with Mark Moreland and what is new with the Pathfinder Society. In the Character Concept Workshop, we feature Remington our Sundering Magus. On the Companion side of the interview, Greg Vaughan joins us to discuss his career in the industry, his working on many Adventure Paths, Slumbering Tsar and the Complete Tome of Horrors. After the break, we return with the down and dirty goods on Kingmaker Vol 3 and the Varnhold Vanishing with the author, Greg A. Vaughan. On the Encounter Laboratory, we lay down the smack with the Ghouladon. Lastly, we end with our review and roundtable on Varnhold Varnishing and exit with the BIG NEWS from Paizo. Episode 015 clocks in at four hours long to speed you on your way to Indianapolis.

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